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Oh hey look, I still live!

I decided it was finally time to let everyone know I've not dropped completely off the face of the earth. I've been doing my best to keep updated with everyone though, and make comments when I have time. For those of you on Facebook, I've been a little more active there, mostly because my participation can come in the form of one sentence and an emoticon on Facebook.

Anyway. This isn't an entry. It's a placeholder for greater things to come (and by greater things, I mean, an entry). To be perfectly honest, I've been finding myself worn a bit thin lately. I feel like I'm taping my life together at the edges, and it's starting to look a bit ugly.

So for now, my blogging semi-hiatus is going to continue.

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Why Rae should be a little more wary when checking her LJ f-list after days and days and days of...not checking.

- She accidentally finds out the winner of Eurovision from the BBC RSS-feed. No~! BBC, LJ-CUT PLEASE! XD;

(I am still avoiding spoilers though, so please, let me live in blissful ignorance until the final airs here in Australia tonight. Speaking of Eurovision though, last night for the second round of the semi-finals I had my first Eurovision party, and it was amazing. I see a new tradition being born...)

- She receives closure on the ONE OK ROCK Alex scandal and doesn't like it.

(Actually, no, things could be much much worse, but still. I'll freely admit, even though I know this was the best solution to the problem, I'm gutted, and will be for a while. Stupid band, why do I love you so much.)

- Following on from the above, she discovered there was an auction for the a copy of the canceled single that she totally would have bid in, and she missed it.

(I would've had no qualms about spending ridiculous amounts of cash on it. Money is easy to come by, you just have to put in a bit of effort to get it and there's plenty in the world, but there's only one copy of that single. DO WANT. This has had the spinoff effect of making me spend more money by buying all the OOR singles I didn't already have from CDJapan, with the exception of 'Keep it Real' which is out of print. Hey, it's not like there are going to be any more releases with Alex in!)

- Seeing the posts of triumphant university graduates.

(Actually, this is more Facebook than LJ, but either way, it reminds me of the distinct lack of effort I've been putting in to Japanese class recently, something that needs to change. Except, I continue to be defeated by my own laziness...)

Random thoughts

- Work is turning to poo lately, to put it bluntly. Not going too much into detail, but basically, our work load increased, we've been told we have less time to do it, and my boss isn't allowed to hire new staff to help balance things out. Additionally, we've had computer glitches that have made things more difficult to do, and had more customers calling for assistance (so, more time on the phone, less time doing work). Sigh. Hopefully things steady out soon!

- My parents are semi-seriously discussing the family going on a ski-holiday to New Zealand! :D I am ridiculously keen on this idea. I never got a chance to go skiing in Japan, as proper snow falls stubbornly held off until just after I'd left the country, and going to New Zealand means a chance to visit Dylan, who was one of my best friends in Japan, and for that matter, one of the best friends I've had ever had in my life. I miss him loads, so it'd be great to see him.

The only real fly in the ointment is that my father's company has just been bought out in America, and as upper management, he looks to be made redundant. This is both good and bad - Dad has wanted to leave his job for years, so to get to leave AND be given a redundancy package, that's great news for him. The bad news, the economy problems mean that he's not so confident of getting a new job any time soon, which means it's time to tighten the belts.

This could lead me into a big rant on the Australian government and its, in my eyes, truly woeful mis-management of the global economic crisis on our little part of the globe, but I'll keep my political views to myself for the time being as they're still not entirely popular. ;D But let it be known that there is dissatisfaction!

- I may have ranted about an unfair parking ticket I received a few months ago? (the area was unmarked and un-signed! I was outraged!) I was forced to pay it a few days ago, much to my dismay, then the next day discovered that there's been a rash of illegitimate parking tickets being handed out in Brisbane recently, and that the City Council has been rescinding some. Damnit, I should've just complained about it and gone to court the way I'd originally intended! Curse my laziness!

...well. That's about it I suppose. See you next month!


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