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gunpowdertea ([personal profile] gunpowdertea) wrote2009-06-29 07:26 pm
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Oh hey look, I still live!

I decided it was finally time to let everyone know I've not dropped completely off the face of the earth. I've been doing my best to keep updated with everyone though, and make comments when I have time. For those of you on Facebook, I've been a little more active there, mostly because my participation can come in the form of one sentence and an emoticon on Facebook.

Anyway. This isn't an entry. It's a placeholder for greater things to come (and by greater things, I mean, an entry). To be perfectly honest, I've been finding myself worn a bit thin lately. I feel like I'm taping my life together at the edges, and it's starting to look a bit ugly.

So for now, my blogging semi-hiatus is going to continue.